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Safety Guidelines

Cruising the Bay Safely
The safety of our guests, crew and contractors is the highest priority to all of us at the Red and White Fleet®.

To ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable event with us, please familiarize yourself with the following safety and private charter guidelines, policies and recommendations.

Safety Guidelines and Policies:

  • Compliance with safety instructions by the crew is mandatory.
  • Please notify a crewmember if you become aware of any safety hazards.
  • Contact a crewmember if you or a guest requires medical assistance.
  • Always use handrails and watch your step on the pier, dock and vessel.
  • Familiarize yourself with the vessel and location of lifesaving equipment.
  • You should easily be able to locate the nearest lifejacket, fire extinguisher, and emergency exit.
  • Intoxicated guests are not permitted onboard and will be returned to the pier.
  • The Red and White Fleet® is a drug-free environment – illegal substances are not tolerated.
  • Any rowdyism, misconduct and illegal substances will result in the immediate cancellation of the event.
  • No fire arms are allowed onboard
  • No illegal gambling allowed onboard
  • Music will need to stop during safety announcements, and the volume level lowered to conversation level five minutes before docking. All entertainment must end before the vessel returns to the dock.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Never run or jump on any part of the vessel or dock.
  • Do not hang over – or climb on railings.
  • Do not stand on benches or sit on handrails.
  • Keep a safe distance from the pier’s edge.
  • NO Smoking allowed onboard at any time.


Private Charter Guidelines and Policies:

  • The Red and White Fleet® will provide all musical entertainment, such as DJs and live bands.
  • Student or other groups having any members less than 18 years of age must be chaperoned by responsible persons in the ratio of one chaperon for each ten persons in the group. Chaperons shall be at least 25 years old.
  • The Red and White Fleet® is a Licensed Beverage Provider. All beverages must be served and provided by the Red and White Fleet.
  • Alcoholic beverages can be consumed aboard the vessel only by persons age twenty‑one (21) or older that possess a valid driver’s license or other proper identification.
  • Unless otherwise noted in the charter agreement, neither the Charterer nor any guest of the charterer shall bring alcoholic beverages aboard the vessel.
  • In cases when the charterer requests to supply their own wine and/or champagne, the Red and White Fleet® will charge a corkage fee of $10/bottle and the wine/champagne will be served by our Red and White Fleet® bartenders in accordance with the laws governing the licensed beverage provider.
  • Self-Catering is permitted, with the fee ranging from $400-$800 depending on the vessel.
  • Decorations and signage:
    • One hour will be provided prior to boarding for decoration of the vessel.
    • Confetti is NOT permitted on the vessels.
    • String Lights may be attached via zip ties to preset hooks above the window frames.
    • Only Painters Tape is permitted for use to adhere decorations to the vessel to ensure clean removal.
    • Banners may be attached to hand rails depending on size via zip ties.
  • Candles are NOT permitted anywhere on the vessel (with exception to birthday cake candles).
  • Attire:
    • Dress casual and warm, the weather on the bay can change quickly.
    • We strongly urge against high-heels and open-toed shoes for safety and comfort.
  • Events aboard the Red and White Fleet® are casual, food is displayed on a self-service buffet, and beverage service is provided only at the bars. No table service is provided.
  • White Table cloths are provided for private charters.
  • Red and White Fleet® reserves the right to hire security guards for any private charters.
  • The end time for private events aboard Red and White Fleet’s vessels is 11pm.